On iVotePolls.com, you can create your own web poll, and get backlinks for your site through the web poll you created. All you have to do, is create an account on iVotePolls.com, go to your account settings, add your website to the website field and then create a poll. Your website link will be shown on the poll you created and it will get picked up by search engines. And since our comments are also do follow, your backlinking will increase as well for the amount of comments there are. Not only will you get search engine backlinking but visitors as well, since they will also see your website link on your poll.

Register an free Account: http://ivotepolls.com/wp-login.php?action=register
Create A Poll: http://www.ivotepolls.com/?page_id=144

Heres an demo: http://www.ivotepolls.com/?p=3

As you can see, the website of poll authors are displayed in the Poll Creator info box.

You can create as many polls as you would like, but do not spam, and do not post the same poll as before. All new polls, will be moderated, so you will receive an email when it has been approved. Also no advertising on poll content unless if it relates. If it relates then minimum advertising is allowed on the poll content. (2 Sentences and 1 link maximium for advertising. Anymore will result your poll to be removed.)

An alternative to not making polls but still having the same affect would be to post comments under polls however, in the website url, you can insert your url. When you comment, google and other search engines will pick up on your on website link through our site.
Any questions?

Thank You.