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    I'm busy cleaning my computer because he will be formatted and I want to start all over again on the web. With new websites etc..

    So that's why I'm selling stuff at bargain prices from now on. Sometimes it will be sold more than once, sometimes just once (that's where the price will be based on mostly).

    Hold on. I'm all going to post it in one thread so please PM me with the thing you want after clicking this button:

    Thanks in advance for supporting me by buying something you might need
    |Nico Lawsons

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    What exactly do you have for sale?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shenron View Post

    What exactly do you have for sale?
    He haven't post his stuffs for sale yet, when he got the list he will update here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shenron View Post

    What exactly do you have for sale?
    I'm having an MSN Invite script, templates, PR scripts (the ones always going around that might even be found for free now.. but heck xD), simple newsletter system, many ebooks, clicking script (collect clicks on your link & referrals to win a prize), hosting templates, 100 unique proxy texts, Webmaster package of scripts, UpNuts script..

    These are just a few things I see at first sight Will create 1 or 2 replies a day with a new 'daily' offer to make the thread active enough. Creating a new thread every time would be too much spammy threads I guess..

    If you have any remarks, make them
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Ebook: Search Engine Optimization

    28-pages long ebook about SEO.
    Lists many tips.
    No review copies since it's not my ebook but I have the rights to resell.
    No resell rights included.

    Price: $2 -- If you wanna start SEO, start by buying this ebook!

    Please send your payment to, than PM me with your email adress and I'll send you the ebook


    Template: Hosting Company Template

    • Unique template, created it for my proxy hosting company back in 2008 that never got released
    • Converted to xhtml & css
    • .psd included
    • will only be sold once

    Price: 5$

    Please PM me before buying, I will than send you my paypal email so you can make the payment. Will only be sold once!

    Scripts: Webmaster Scripts

    • Cheap pagerank and other webmaster related scripts.
    • Have been bought on DigitalPoint, forgot where but they were with full rights.


    • CGI Sitemap Generator
    • Check backlinks for Google, MSN & Yahoo
    • Pagerank scripts
    • Hub finder
    • Keyword generator
    • Keyword research tool
    • Link popularity
    • XML sitemap generator

    Price: 2$ will be sold more than once. Please send the payment to and send me a PM with your email, I will than send you the files

    Template: Another hosting template

    Will only be sold once at the price of 10$. Please send me a PM if you're interested, I will than send my paypal email.

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    |Nico Lawsons

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