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Thread: Billions of Backlinks to your websites/blog

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    Billions of Backlinks to your websites/blog


    Do you want to get billions of backlinks ?

    Do you want to become an SEO guy and start providing your SEO service to others at various forums and start making money ?

    Do you wanna know how to increase your sites PR ?

    and much much more about getting backlinks ?

    if yes, then read below ....

    As a promotional offer i am giving a software that costs $ 97 by which you can submit your website / blog to 3000 + directories of PR ranging from PR 0- PR 8. for FREE

    Link Directory Submitter - Home - $ 97 BUT i give you for FREE

    So here are the things you get :-

    1 - Ebook by which you will learn how to get billions of backlinks - you can start getting the backlinks the moment you read it.


    2- The software by which you can submit your website/blog to 3000 + directories. You can start your own service of manual directory submission at various forums.

    Using the software you can submit to 3000 directories in about 2-3 hours. And for which you can get $ 30 and more. People are doing this for $ 50 or so at various forums. So if you are ready to spend about 6-7 hours daily - then you can make more than $ 60 daily. With this software you can take screenshots as well to provide to your clients and can charge more money for that.


    3- Resale rights to the above software - so that you can sell it to anyone anywhere for any price !! worth more than $ 200

    okey, all this for just $ 50 for the first 10 buyers, and the price of this will increase to $ 75 for the next 10. then on the price will be $ 100. I dont want to sell it to everyone and make it saturated - although it won't still i don't wanna do that - its better if its known only to some rather than many.

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    Perhaps you'd like to give us some more information about why we should trust you... at the moment I know nothing about you or your product, at least nothing different from all the other people who post the same type of offer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by epidemic View Post
    this is your first post...
    Well, you are right - this is my first post over here - that doesn't mean that i am a newbie - this forum is a pretty new one rite - i have just registered and will be here from here on. And since this is my first post and my first thread, we can do like this :-

    1- If you are interested, then tell me and i will send you the products - and after getting them - if everything is as per mentioned in the thread - then you may pay me the money. So, this way i'll get a review in my thread and hopefully i'll be getting more sales...

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