CPA Explosion
The First Ever Way To Guarantee Results


CPA Explosion is a program that I will compile for you, basically a "stub" specified with your settings, you get of course unlimited updates and changes. When the program is ran on someone else's computer, it completes multiple offers, and has a 100% conversion rate because of the 100% unique and valid information used.

Features List

✔Advanced Pixel Fire Detection
✔Compatibility with all Windows PC's (32+64 bit)
✔Bindable to any executable file
✔Icon Changer
✔100% Unique Information
✔Fake Referrer
✔Blank Referrer
✔No Dependencies
✔Does Not Do Offers More Than Once Unless Told To
✔Runs Completely Hidden
✔24/7 Support
✔GEO Targeter
✔Instant Test Results
✔Popup Suppresor (Beta)
✔And More!

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