I have a list of just under 300 websites that include forums, social media sites, ect. I need someone to do the following on each one.

  • I will provide you with 5 personas
  • Each persona will have info about them along with an active email account which you will have access to
  • You will use the personas to create 1 account on each of the 300 websites (1 total account, NOT 1 per persona)
  • The user names on the accounts created should be relative to the persona
  • You will fill out the profile of each account to make it look real
  • You will participate in the site 7-10 times so the account looks active. These can be comments, forum post replies, ect.
  • You will deliver me a spreadsheet with a link to every profile you created and to each piece of participation you performed for each account
  • The spreadsheet will also include the username and password for each account
  • Lastly, the spreadsheet will include the IP you used to do all the work for each site

This is something we are going to need on an ongoing basis, for both new sites we add to the list and the same sites over again with new personas. Consider this a test run for a longer term engagement.

Please provide me with a bid and estimates on turnaround time. Feel free to PM me with the info.