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Thread: Dedicated server needed

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    Dedicated server needed

    i need Dedicated server..... if anyone can sell... pls PM me..

    rply here ur prices.. or PM me
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    Have you searched Google already? The major companies are usually listed above. Anyways if you're searching for good dedicated hosting, HostingLizard.Com is offering a great service (MIA on this forum as far as I remember).

    |Nico Lawsons

  3. Take a look at Future Hosting, they deal in only virtual private and dedicated servers.

    Currently, I lease a quad core dedicated server with 8 gigs of memory from Future Hosting. Their service and support is pretty good.

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    The best company to work with is this:
    Server Packages by Layered Tech

    They have a new data center in the Midwest, US that is probably one of the most advanced locations in existence. It's complete with biometric security systems, armed guards, a special infrastructural design to protect the servers from natural disasters, even though it's located in the region historically proven to have the least amount of disaster and political unrest, etc. The building's design is made to blend it into the terrain naturally, to prevent terrorist attacks and sabotage. This place is extremely difficult to penetrate, and therefore your data is very safe and secure in all aspects. I've just never seen such great security for any installation before.

    They have complete redundant power, heating, and air conditioning systems, backup generators, etc. The placement of all of the racks is strategically designed to keep a natural air flow, resulting in exceptional performance.

    I really could go on and on, because I've never personally encountered a company even remotely as good as this one. (And no, I'm not being paid or compensated to say this. xD) The company also offers easy access to upgrades, professional security and firewalls, backup and storage, and more.

    Here is an example of one of their servers:
    Dell R710
    processor(s): Dual
    core(s): Quad
    cpu: Intel® Xeon® E5540
    speed: 2.53GHz
    max ram: 128GB
    max drives(s): 6
    drive type: SAS or SATA
    RAI available
    bandwidth: 2000GB
    ip addresses: 5 Public
    chassis: Dell R710

    Now, they are expensive - but worth every penny.

    If you need server management services, I would recommend this:

    Watch out for those people who will try and sell you crappy services or servers that are unstable and really suck.

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    post ur prices
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    Quote Originally Posted by ilamaran View Post
    It's really good idea to choose the Dedicated hosting packages..I suggested to the .
    Here i found the six hosting packages with more features..You can choose any of them..
    Wow....promoting your site, which is just a reseller of godaddy!

    Want hosting, go direct to godaddy and bypass resellers of their services.

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