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Thread: Do a simple sign up and earn $1.5

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    Talking Do a simple sign up and earn $1.5

    Well, I need some people from any country to do a simple sign up thing.
    But you will need to have a verified PayPal account in order to deal with me.
    It will take just 2 mins to do this and you can earn $1.5.

    PM me now with your Yahoo Id or MSN id... so that I can talk to you directly.
    It would be good if you have some itraders.

    - Mr.President -

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    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Hi there.

    Would it be possible for you to PM me the details, or must it be via MSN/Yahoo?

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    Can you PM me the details? If my iTrader is not reliable you can look up my DP profile. I have a verified Paypal account but I can't get on any messenger right now

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    Don't Post here !

    Its not gonna help you !

    Learn to PM the OP if you are providing your service. Because the one who is buying won't get much time to PM you by coming to this thread !

    So, better directly PM me...

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    ok my yahoo id

  6. Anyone had any sucess with this?
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    ^ Yup you can trust this man. Very easy 1.5$

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    Quote Originally Posted by redfoxseo View Post
    Anyone had any sucess with this?
    Got only two guys till now... and paid them also !

    Waiting for more guys to PM me.

    - Mr.President -

  9. Hello guys!

    I'm one of the customers and I was paid in a fast way! Yeah!

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    Thanks very much bro..

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