Forget Article Marketing! With so much competition its no harder than ever to get your articles ranked consistently on the first page of Google.

Thankfully there's a solution - Document Marketing

Document marketing is like article marketing but 10x more effective. In fact my articles consistently rank on the first page of Google every single time. This relatively new technique could transform the way you do business.

This guide will provide with all the details, even if you've tried document marketing before, you will find never seen tricks to help squeeze more traffic out of every word.

Whats Included

* 26 Page Blueprint, outlining the method - including a guaranteed way to get your "articles" indexed in Google within 24 hours!
* Free Coaching Session - thats right, free! 1 on 1.
* 5 Day Action Plan - I want you to get started today and have a traffic pulling network within 5 days.


* What costs are involved using this technique - none. Its completely free.
* How soon will I see traffic from this technique. Within 5 days, guaranteed - and its super targeted and coverts extremely well.
* Is this blackhat - no way! You don't need to cheat to make a passive income
* How much time does this take - if you've written articles before, then the good news is, its takes less time than writing content for EzineArticles. I'll show you how easy it is, step by step.
* If I don't like it, can I get a refund - of course!
* Why don't more people do this? I'm not sure why - I know a handful of marketers who are using this method with as much success as I've seen. After reading this, I'm sure there will be more.

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