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Thread: Double Your Income and Increase Your Writing Skills for $0.99!

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    Double Your Income and Increase Your Writing Skills for $0.99!

    Did you know that you could be making twice as much money from your personal content and/or freelance writing business? All it takes is a little practice...

    Learning how to write more effectively opens up a world of opportunities in terms of communication and persuading people to buy from you.

    This $0.99 workbook costs less than your morning coffee and will help you identify how to combine words more effectively to create emotion and personal meaning within your content.

    Invest in your content:

    Earn more money and Purchase the ebook here:

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    Corey writes more about improving writing and her workbook as a guest post on my writing blog here: How to Gain an Advantage on the Competition

    Just think for 1/2 the price of a Starbucks you can get a Tech FAQ proxy listing and her workbook

    Off to work SEC football. Happy Saturday!

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    Javanx3d, I didn't understand your reference to a Tech FAQ proxy listing in your post.
    Care to explain?

    Anyway! I was in contact with Corey throughout the development of her workbook and it seems like a very solid product here.
    It's extremely detailed and obviously well-written, so if you're in need of some improvement for your writing skills - this is the product for you.

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    Sorry, it was a veiled reference to those wanking about the $1 USD charge for 850 UV's from Will's proxy that and Corey's book are so cheap, you can get both for $1.99 usd...

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    Corey was kind enough to let me see a preview copy of her first workbook, and I must say I was very impressed. A lot of thought has gone into preparing them, and they look professional.

    I think Corey's workbooks are going to be very helpful to aspiring writers if they take the time to read the lessons and do the exercises. None of this will require very much time and could as Corey says, help some writers double their income.

    Let me add to that. Here in the Netbuilders marketplace we regularly see writers from India and other developing nations offer their services. Clearly these writers are able to communicate in English, but their writing isn't perfect. In most cases it is readable, but the writers would struggle to compete with native speakers. Consequently they advertise their services at ridiculously cheap prices of $1-$2 per article.

    By reading and working through Corey's workbooks many of those writers will be able to increase their price to $4-$6 per article, which makes 99c for the workbook good Value for Money

    I am an English teacher, I've seen a lot of workbooks, and Corey has hit a niche that is desperate for practical guides. I completely recommend Corey's series of workbooks to almost all of the writers in the Netbuilders marketplace. Good luck Corey!

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    UPDATE: You can get this workbook completely free by subscribing to my newsletter. If you don't want to pay the humble price of $0.99 for content that could double your freelance writing income, then just get it for free.

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