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Thread: Download from 8 filehosts for price of less than one!

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    Download from 8 filehosts for price of less than one!

    Are you tired of buying a premium filehosting account, only to find out that something you want to download is only available on a different host?
    Now you don't have to worry about buying tons of different subscription. You just need to buy ONE!

    With HDDumps services you get 320GB bandwidth a month (over 10Gb a day), to download through 8 (eight!) of the most popular filehosts!

    You don't need a subscription to any other hosts for this!

    How does it work?

    You log into our system, and just paste the links into our auto download system.
    Files are then automatically downloaded directly to our servers via a 100Mbit dedicated line, and give you DIRECT links to download from our servers.
    You can use these links to download directly from our servers at any time!

    Credits: We use a modded eQBal Rapidleech script for our services.

    Top reasons to use HDDump?
    1. Stable service!
    2. 6 filehosting with just one account.
    3. Bypass University/Office/ISP throttling..
    4. Easy Interface.
    5. Admin/Users friendly.
    6. Highspeed download.
    7. Attractive Price
    8. Friendly support

    Price Package below. All packages have 20GB HDD space. 12 hours autodeletion applies.

    7 days premium account - $3 (50GB BW)
    1 month premium account - $8 (320 GB / Month)
    3 months premium account - $22 (330 GB / Month)
    6 months premium account - $39 (350 GB / Month)

    Also, more bandwidth is available at $1 for 35GB

    New plan for trial: 1$ per 25GB. Not time limited. 2Gb HDD space per 25Gb ordered

    DEMO LINK: username: wsm password: demo
    100MB filesize limit because it's a demo
    Remember, if you want to download with premium account, use "Auto DL" button.

    I am currently working on the actual site layout, and it will improve ENORMOUSLY in the next few weeks in regards to ease of use and friendliness.
    If you have any questions, I'm available at:
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