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Thread: An e-Book A Day :D

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    Arrow An e-Book A Day :D

    Well, i'm feeling Generous.
    I have quite a few e-books on my HDD and i would like to share.
    I'll be posting here a link to an e-book every 2 days.
    For the first few days i'll post SEO and Making-money/Marketing Related books and when that's over i'll post programming books and when those are over i'll post Novels
    I'll be uploading them to a file-sharing site(30 sec wait) and posting the link here.
    These are Free Books(i'm not selling them) and Malware-free so there shouldn't be any issues.

    Today's Book :

    SEO Made Easy Made Easy.pdf

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    Thanks, look forward to the programming ebooks
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Ok here's Today's book.
    Wiley Search Engine Optimization Bible SEO Search Engine Optimization Bible.pdf

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    Today's Book is : 77 ways to get Traffic ways to get Traffic.pdf

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    Today's Book : Become An Affiliate Marketing Master An Affiliate Marketing Master.pdf

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    Today's Book : 21 Days SEO Mastery Days SEO Mastery.pdf

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    Here's Today's Book : PHP 5 Power Programming 5 Power Programming.pdf

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    Today's Ebook : Advance SEO Techniques SEO Techniques.pdf

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    Today's Book : Mathematics for Computer Scientists for Computer Scientists.pdf

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snak3 View Post
    Today's Book : Mathematics for Computer Scientists
    Thanks, I'm learning this at school now so it's interesting if I know most about it already Thanks for the share!
    |Nico Lawsons

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