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Thread: E-book : How to get money using torrent

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    E-book : How to get money using torrent

    Torrent is not just for file-sharing but you can earn by it. I find the e-book titled how to get money using torrent, and maybe usefull for you.

    Contain 8 page, the method is explained step by step.


    Credit to gielardino (my friend) who in the past giving this for me.

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    If this is torrents as in illegal torrents, it's not right. I know I've done this exact rant before, but people worked hard on whatever content it is, be it music, ebooks or whatever, so to then share it for free via torrents is wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simon View Post
    If this is torrents as in illegal torrents, it's not right.
    It is. I've read the ebook and it even offers us to share p0rn (aside from illegally downloaded albums and movies). Talk about something ethic.

    However the method described in there might work if it was used to share self-develloped content. But it would still be spamming (and it's against the rules of the CPA sites).

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