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Thread: Earn With Proxies E-Book

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    Earn With Proxies E-Book

    Earn with Proxies - eBook

    This is the most complete and detailed guide currently available which teaches you everything you need to know to start earning $700+ with proxies each month. This is a 25 pages long eBook and at only $15 USD it is worth your every penny. You will recover your investment in as little as 9 days!

    It has information for both newbies and people who already know some proxy promotion methods etc. It contains lots of information on promoting proxies which cannot be found anywhere else, and includes all the methods known so far to promote your proxy sites to the max, and of-course it covers a lot more things in it's 25 pages.

    For more information please go to - you can also buy the book using PayPal for $15 from the same site.

    This 25 pages long eBook will teach you the following:

    * What are proxy sites and why you should tap into this market.
    * What are the things you need to start a proxy site, and how to get them cheap and good.
    * It tells you about one free 'magic' template which I've found the best, and which results in the highest click-through-rate (CTR) and thus the highest amount of revenue compared to any other free proxy template.
    * It also tells you how you can also make as much as $500 every TWO weeks by selling your site in the right place and in the right way after you've learnt how to promote a proxy site within a week, using the techniques described in this book.
    * ...and a whole lot of things about various aspects of running & managing a proxy site. At 25 pages long, this eBook is an A-Z about proxy sites and after reading it you WILL make a minimum of $600 a month.

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    It takes just 30 days to earn over 700$ with proxies. Though, you will earn only back your 15$ after 9 days. Strange.. but possible

    Good luck selling the ebook, giving away any free review copies or not? I'd like to take it if it's possible. I've doing proxies for many years and I'm having a good overall reputation so

    |Nico Lawsons

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    I did like an review copy too , if possible?

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    Thanks guys, but there are already too many reviews on the site.... Also I should mention that this e-book is best suited for beginners.

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