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Thread: Forum Leaders for passionate Ferrari Community needed!

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    Forum Leaders for passionate Ferrari Community needed! is in need of Forum leaders, people who are passionate about Ferrari, racing and cars in general. This is a voluntary position and only serious candidates apply please. We are a small community of passionate fans looking for other passionate staff to help us expand.

    Your roles will involve:

    Updating our Facebook and Twitter pages accordingly.
    Getting passionate car/Ferrari Fans to register with us.

    Content writing when available.

    Good written English is a must.

    Long term, loyal staff will receive benefits such as memorabilia. You must be available at least 3 days a week on site.

    Apply using this form for the position moderators -

    If you are passionate and really love cars and the ferrari marque and feel you can contribute to this community join us today!

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    Interesting. I knew some friends who are ultimately fans of Ferrari cars and are very technical about it. I'll let them know 'bout it.

    Ferrari Wallpaper Just 4U.

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