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    I went to Google "Forum Promotion" and it is not in the first page btw.

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    I disagree that it's not worth it. If the right person sees it, they will buy it for that because it can be used well.

    How long does it have left on it?

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    Well it is a nice domain, but i wouldn't invest into it.

    Not saying its bad or anything, but since "FP" to those who know is open, this .info won't top FP in any seo/pr.

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    I would have to agree with SBFC. Nice domain though, all the best selling it!

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    That Is quite a bit for the domain. But it is actually a great one!

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    I got it

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    20 dollars for a fricken .info are you crazy? No one cares if its top on google, anyone can do it. a .info is only 88 cents! What a scam

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    It's not necessarily about being a .info. If I could purchase a domain name like for a good few hundred bucks, I'd buy it. Obviously this is just an example, but it all depends on what you want out of your domain name.

    For this one, I would probably not pay that much, however to the right person, it may very well be worth that much.

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