All you have to do is sign up on Rave PTC | Get paid to read e-mails, click links, signups, refer other! and you will get $2 Sign up Bonus to convert into Advertising.
This is only for a limited time!
The site is new , but i will be promoting it very hard over the next few days.
For all the peeople that do not know how to use a PTC site to order Credits for Advertsing from your Account Credits...
Go to "Advertise" page , choose the one you wish to order, Click the buy now and from the drop down choose "Account Credits" , and click "Continue Payment"
To Set up a Ad click on "My Advertising" choose from the drop down what you just payed for from your account Credits , fill the info in for your Ad , and then click the "Add Credits" to add your ads credits for you ads.
P.S Please only order what Account Credits you have in your account , do not order things for $xx if you dont have the $xx credits to convert too.
Then just sit back and watch the traffic come.