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Thread: Get Free Backlink

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    I left a comment. Must not like me either.

    Current Celebrity Gossip Movies & More TV Site
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  2. Oh Akismet again, I have approved the comments

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    I did the comment on your blog you can see the site in my sigs and the name i used is see below


  4. Already approved automatically, you can see the comment

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    Thanks, I also have posted a comment. However, you may want to turn Akismet on again soon so that your blog will not be spammend when the bad guys come.

  6. Akismet is on man, iy seems you all are doing good blog commenting so Akisment aint catching your comments as spam

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    I like it. What do you mean about comment in post? Can increase PR?

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    Leaving a comment acts as a backlink, Happyman - which can increase your PR.

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    Veyy nice blog, I am going to be honest I only went to your blog for the backlink, but i ended up reading 2 or 3 articles and staying for around 5 minutes. Great job, looking good.

  10. Thanks JQBlogging for the appreciation and now to update all of you, the blog is now PR3 so now you will be getting PR3 backlinks when you comment

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