Hopefully that caught your attention. Here's the deal - the guys at Kiwidia (Kiwidia Kiwidia - Back Soon - under construction currently) will be needing an editor for our blog, Blogger Bear. The blog covers such topics as:

1) Blogging Tips
2) Blogging Resources (ebooks, courses, etc.)
3) Making Money Online
4) Blogging Software
5) Blog Promotion
6) Life as a Blogger
7) ANYTHING related to blogging.

Here's how it works. We have everything setup (.com domain name, custom design, promotion, plugins, everything) for you. You only have to do three things:

1) Manage Comments
2) Write 3 Quality Articles per Week
3) Answer emails from your blog's readers

The best part? You get to work with the Kiwidia staff, who move at a lightening pace and are ALL youth bloggers. So if you're a teenager, you actually have an advantage.

All we ask is that if you sign up, you're willing to give your time and ideas to the group. We take our blog network seriously. If you're interested, please email me at corey@kiwidia.com

Thanks for reading!