I've been spending hours and hours doing keyword research for a new website, but can't come up with good things That's why I need help from you. I posted this thread on a few webmaster forums I'm on, so that makes the chances bigger to find something I'm going to try.

You might be interested in my hobbies or what I do on the net, here is a little list with comments why I haven't used that as a new topic:

  • Bodyboarding (although this niche has almost no traffic)
  • Proxies (although this niche pays almost nothing)
  • Twitter (there are tons of Twitter blogs these days)
  • Being Webmaster (although this niche pays almost nothing)
  • Fitness (have tried it, but it's boring)

I'm a young Belgian web entrepreneur so I'm searching for something to create a well-earning blog or website about. It might be an overrated niche like health & insurance, just make sure to give a good explanation why I should try it than

This might be usefull too:

  • I'm using Adsense, so that's not a problem for me.
  • I'm using PayPal, so that's not a problem for me.
  • I'm having enough funds at the moment.

Thanks in advance for great suggestions. The person with the best idea gets 20$ Go ahead, I'll post a message when this will end.

Best regards,