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Thread: Give me an Idea To Blog About and Earn Money - Win 20$

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    Question Give me an Idea To Blog About and Earn Money - Win 20$

    I've been spending hours and hours doing keyword research for a new website, but can't come up with good things That's why I need help from you. I posted this thread on a few webmaster forums I'm on, so that makes the chances bigger to find something I'm going to try.

    You might be interested in my hobbies or what I do on the net, here is a little list with comments why I haven't used that as a new topic:

    • Bodyboarding (although this niche has almost no traffic)
    • Proxies (although this niche pays almost nothing)
    • Twitter (there are tons of Twitter blogs these days)
    • Being Webmaster (although this niche pays almost nothing)
    • Fitness (have tried it, but it's boring)

    I'm a young Belgian web entrepreneur so I'm searching for something to create a well-earning blog or website about. It might be an overrated niche like health & insurance, just make sure to give a good explanation why I should try it than

    This might be usefull too:

    • I'm using Adsense, so that's not a problem for me.
    • I'm using PayPal, so that's not a problem for me.
    • I'm having enough funds at the moment.

    Thanks in advance for great suggestions. The person with the best idea gets 20$ Go ahead, I'll post a message when this will end.

    Best regards,
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Being Webmaster (although this niche pays almost nothing)
    I guess you might be wrong. "domains" and "web hosting" related keywords have a good cpc in adsense. probably you might take a shot on that ....

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    Would you be interested in

    + Finance ie: loans, mortgage, debt
    + Celebrity/Entertainment
    + Travel Blog
    + Fashion
    + Technology
    + Your Fav. Sport
    + Your Fav. Place
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  4. try techblog.
    or localforum board named after your city.

  5. Ok Here is what I recommend, according to your interests you could opt in for:


    Both of them have an average CPC and well it is what interests you than go with it because you should do the things in which you are interested, you wont find it monotonous.

    Others I would recommend is:

    Money making
    Internet Marketing

    All have high are of earning

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    The medical niche is a good one if you can get your hands on current medical journals or find medical students to write you free articles.

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    We have few things in common:
    we're both belgian, we're both web entrepreneur but I'm not young and I was not young when I sold my first website in February 1995. So youth is not common
    Now. My idea for you is this:

    Chocolate. Why belgian chocolate is the best in the world. How to do it. Sell some cote d'or on the site. You can get them easy and cheap. Do sweepstake, win chocolate, etc...there are tons of things to do with that niche.
    For years, I have needed someone in my family in Belgium to help me with this and no one has the entrepreneur mind to do it.

    Oh, and while you're there, think outside the box and make a fortune...
    Cabins Renta
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    7 methods to create free PVAs at

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    IF you are not sure what to blog about just move on to a general blog containing all the niches and write about your favourite ones specially and don't forget to do keyword research. If you know what you are talking about after getting some high paying less competitive keywords then no one can stop you from earning and having fun in blogging
    If you still want to target some niche then i think tutorial blogs are good paying and drives traffic as well if you provide unique and good tutorials. If you are into Photoshop, joomla, wordpress and so on then you can just start a blog related to these tutorials as people usually need it everytime. Other thn that web hosting and development is also a good niche but once again it's all good if you know what you are doing and talking about It's no good for a noob.
    Just my 2 cents

  9. Better go gaming buddy! Gaming blogs are the best in the market now! Most gaming bloggers are making huge money with their gaming blogs, because millions of people are already interested on gaming. This is what I am planning of my own, because gaming blogs attracts customers and visitors to comment your blog. They love gaming, and you need it.

    Trust me buddy! More people are making money on their blog through gaming niche, and I can see that gaming has a huge percentage of the global market already.

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