All webmasters are faced with the same daunting task. How do we monetize our blog?

Well here is a exciting way to earn that extra revenue by using the unused space of you blog.

Look at what this wordpress plugin does!!!

Here is YourTvsSite.com without the plugin used. Boring right?

Now look what happens after you active the plugin.

Click to see this Muppet Show page in Action.

Take unused space and turn it in Cash!!!

Click to see Have Gun Will Travel page in Action.

Works with Affiliates or Sell your own Ads for Extra Income.

Click to see The Stratton Story page in Action.

You control every ad running on your site and where.

Image ads links can be Do follow or NO follow and can be set to open in the same window or New window.

Question about the Background ads wordpress plugin?

Are the ads totally random so you don't know which one will end up on which page? Or, do you specify which ad you want on which page?
That is the best part, you pick the ad that you want on each page. You can have a different background ad on every post page of your site if you wish or you can have the same ad on every page or what ever you want.

The background plugin is connected to your Add New Post Page you assign the background ad as do your post when you hit publish the background ad is live.

Background image must be made not included with the plugin. So let's say you wanted to run 5 different ads on your site you would need to make 5 different background ads that match the color of your site.

Like this samples.

You can take a bland page and make it ZING also it allows you the website owner to monetize something that they normally do not use.

If you have any questions please ask an I will be happy to answer.

Please PM me for the Price.



P.S. No review copies on wp Background Ad plugin