You've heard about the potential profits that the web industry has to offer? I am ready to help all levels of capabilities, expanding from enrolment in the biggest content network on the Internet to generating a full-time income from that network, developed slowly over a number of years. Web development requires investment - of time, money, or both. Your returns will follow as quickly as you invest.

Whatever path you decide to take in your attempts, don't expect it to be easy. No process, with the capability of generating an income large enough for you to survive on, can be outlined in a manner that only requires the single intellectual property of being able to follow it. You do still need to follow the outline, but that is all that it is - an outline. You need to be creative, have ideas, and think like your target market in order for any of this to work effectively.

This outline that I am attempting to sell to you will:

  • Help you find ways to generate ideas.
  • Help you find ways to think like your target market, in order to generate ideas that people spend hours searching for, and still struggle to find solutions to their problems.
  • Discuss domain registration and web hosting.
  • Share potential ways for you to monetize your mini-site.
  • Offer a well-optimized design, created by me. This design features a high CTR in many different niches, and will save you hours of link building.
  • Discuss what it takes to write content that your readers will want to read and outsourcing options that can be used, to require less investment of time.
  • Share the link building techniques required to make this all profitable. In some cases, when the above has been followed correctly, the usage of these techniques will not be required.

I will offer 3 free review copies to members that already have an insight to most of the above and ask them to honestly output their opinions on whether or not this will help the target audience. You can apply for a free review copy via PM, but the final decision is mine.

Further copies will cost $12. Act on it!

P.S. I've attached a copy of last month's earnings via AdSense for my first ever created one-page website. This cost me less than $25 and took 8 minutes of my time to create/promote to the stage that it is at now. I registered the domain on the 30th September last year. Imagine how little effort it would take to create a network of these websites and the passive income that you could be experiencing.