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Thread: Huge Email List!!

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    Huge Email List!!

    Reply here to buy or PM me. Either way is fine. If you PM please state that you want to purchase this in the subject.

    Over 100k emails.

    Payments only accepted via Paypal


  2. What type of emails are they? like free emails like yahoo/hotmail, or company/personal domain emails?

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    The list contains a mast majority of all. Free emails, but at least 50% or more of them are personal home emails (for instance: Through their ISP) and business emails.

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    Do you have the legal rights for selling these emails or not?
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    Nobody would sell a 100k email list for just $5 unless the list has been harvested or has been resold hundreds of times.

    Whether the seller knows it or not, this is probably a spam list and the emails were obtained illegally. I don't recommend buying it.
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    Actually, I didn't know a fair price to put on them to be honest. I've never before sold an email list. But they consented to having third parties email them when they submitted their emails.

    Mods can close this if they please, next time before I post an offer regarding something like this I'll make sure to do research ahead of time.

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