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Thread: I need BLOG POSTS!

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    I need BLOG POSTS!

    Every so often, I run into a brick wall and for whatever reason, just can not post on my blogs.

    So, today, need a blog post.
    In fact, will need a few blog posts.

    Do you have an article, any subject (except of course adult/gambling/pharma)?

    Let me know via PM and if the article is good, will take and post on a blog.

    Notice! YOU MUST PM in the thread and I will ignore you.

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    Do you pay for the post or is it just seen as a guest post?
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Surprising not one person here took me up on this free offer!

    Your article posted in a blog that gets about 400 visitors per day?

    Oh well, again I see that no one here wants free advertising.


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