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Thread: I need VCC to verify my paypal account

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    Smile I need VCC to verify my paypal account

    i need VCC to verify my paypal account please send me pm , if you sell vcc send me pm with your price

    Thank you ..

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    that sounds like fraud, get your own credit card -.-

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aziz View Post
    that sounds like fraud, get your own credit card -.-
    Not Easy to get credit card here in india. and vcc is just to lift payment sending and withdrawing limit. Not to buy or to cheat anyone.

    Right Chaitanya. ?
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    what do me aziz.. iam not scamming anybody..

  5. Yeah you are right Jakki . Many webmaster from India and Asian countries use VCC to uplift limit of paypal to use it for daily business .

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    If I tell you, I would have to kill you.
    I am from India... I asked my dad to get a credit card from State Bank of India..and then I got an add-on credit card for myself..and verified my paypal.. Rs 250 per yr fees for the CC..

    the toughest part was to convice my dad for a

    but if you are serious abt net business then CC is a must..just the other day i got a domain name from GoDaddy for $1, it couldn't have been possible without a CC..

    a verified PP and CC is must for any IMer..

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    For virtual credit cards there is a great service called EntroPay I'm not sure if it will work for verification, but when paying directly (pay with credit card though paypal) it does work, I use it sometimes when PayPal blocks my card (for no apparent reason).

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