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Thread: If You're Going to Sell Me Something...

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    If You're Going to Sell Me Something...

    Some tips for those who sell from a regular person who buys a fair bit...

    1- If you say you're going to do a task in xxx hours or xxx days, don't make me ask you the status of the job. If I have to ask you a second time, odds of my repeat business have exponentially dropped, odds of a good review are dropping...I normally only purchase a service btw if I'm looking at using several times. I really don't care how busy you are if you say you can do something in 2 days, I expect a courtesy email if you can't make the deadline. If I get this, NO BIG DEAL...I rarely do though.

    2 - Don't be negative ever in your sales thread. I used to use a writer that got caught up in airing dirty laundry in public. He was ok, served me well, but I no longer felt comfortable using him after the episode.

    3 - If I hire you for the job and you sub-contract it, 'YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BLAME THE SUB FOR POOR WORK OR BEING LATE!!!"....if I wanted to hire your sub, I would have done so and saved money right?

    4 - If your Momma doesn't speak English to you, then you probably aren't a native speaker. That's OK, but I no longer ask the question. If someone volunteers to me that they are a native speaker, then I find that they really are not. I just ask for a work sample now before contracting large projects to determine for myself.

    5 - Despite what many say, if you are selling a site, says you get no traffic, you have < 1000 backlinks in Yahoo, and you tell me you get 5K people a month and make 2 K a month you are more than likely lying. If you doubt this, please post proof here on this thread and let me see it live through whatever app you like to use to see a remote desktop, and I will give you 3 websites. I'm sure that there is an exception (isn't there always), but not enough for it to cross Compete and Yahoo...they ain't perfect, but are indicators...

    6 - Please don't re-spam me the same exact thing that Johnny Chow and Shoemoney both do. Its annoying to see it from Shoe, then a few hours later from Chow, then the next day from 3 other people with the same exact Subject line + or minus a few words...Guess what, now I'm not clicking on any of them.

    7 - Live up to what you promise. If you really want me to trust you, offer a money-back guarantee. If we have problems, you explain them openly before me and state how you're fixing the issues. Then I say how great you are after...

    That's all for now. Sure I'll think of a few. Feel free to add.

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    Spot on post!

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