I will exchange iframes with any one that wishes it.
What i mean is:
i will but a 0px X 0px iframe which will redirect to your
website and yo u will do the same with your website.
the Iframe must be on your header page and i will do the same.

I receive around 500 - 700 unique visitors daily
and around 3 - 4k page views daily on my website: http://bruv.org
My website is also a valid Page Rank 2.

If you are interested in the trade (1 month only)
please reply to this topic.

I will monitor that i am giving you traffic and
you are giving me traffic.
So its a bit of giving and taking which will benefit all

I will only do this with 2 - 3 websites
which receive similar amount of traffic as me.
The Iframe must be on each and every page!
and i will do the same.

So please reply to this topic or PM me
(if you PM me i will tell you to post in this topic
so people are aware if a iframe has been taken)

Avaliable: 3