Hi guys,
Me and Matt ( a friend and a great marketer ) have started a coaching program, in which we are going to teach you a lot of mehtods you can use to make money online.

Techniques vary from CPA, CPV, PPC, Associated Content, Blogging, Misc Methods and starter methods.

If you follow the steps outlined diligently. you chould have no trouble making atleast $ 5000 each month.

For the starters, we have methods which require $ 0 initial investment, and can put about $ 1000 into your account in the first month to get your account rolling. Thim money will later be used for more aggressive marketing practises, which can make you anywhere between $ 5000-6000 each month.

If you are one of those people who are ready to just put all their heart and soul into working, you can even make as high as $ 10,000-12,000 each month.

The methods are in the form of camtasia tutorials, and text tutorials on a specially created website. We make it a point to bring in atleast 4-5 new methods each month.

Alogside that, we also have a forum, where we discuss those methods we have posted on the site. This is meant to be a platform for the members to throw forward their doubts and we try to eliminate every possible barrier in your way.

To keep our methods limited, we are confining it to just 300 members at any given point of time.

Once you join, you have the oppurtunity of becoming a VIP member for free. But you ll learn about it later.

Membership fee is only $ 50 per month !

PM me for more info/questions/to join


Note to the mods/admins - this is an advert for a coaching program, not a competing webmaster forum. Please feel free to contact me over PM for further clarification.