Hey, theres this new site that's currently in VIP stage kinda thing, and the only way to get in is if you get an invite from someone who's already in the site. Here's your chance to get in.

Lockerz is a new site that you can earn gifts such as video games, ipod stuff, lots of other electronic stuff. You can also get other gifts, like clothing accessories and stuff. What you have to do is earn points(PTZ) you can earn these points by signing in each day (2PTZ for logging in each day) and then theres a daily question, for example today it was "Whats your favourite number" just simple stuff like that, if you answer that, you get 2PTZ.

For now they only send the gifts to americans, but they are gonig to be sending them out to the Uk etc soon. The site will also soon have games you can play, music, etc. Basically a social network, but you can earn gifts through coming on daily.

It's deffenantly worth a look, so if you want to take a look pm me with your email so i can send you the invite to join the site.

Have a nice day.