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Thread: Looking for a partner for an XBOX360 site

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    Looking for a partner for an XBOX360 site

    (Hopefully this is the right place to put this).

    I currently have an idea to make a news site and forum about the gaming console the Xbox 360. I have the hosting, forum license (vBulletin) and most other stuff in order, but one thing I lack is any sort of experience with graphics.

    What am I looking for is someone who will be able to make a header and some images for the skin on the site. They should also be interested in the gaming and will to make forum posts to help maintain activity.

    I cannot offer any direct monetary incentive, but I can offer a 50/50 on ad space, where you can put a banner or adsense code etc.

    If anyone needs any more details feel free to PM me or respond back here.

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    I might be interested. tell me more about it e.g domain name, sections etc

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    The name of the website is . As for sections, I am still unsure, but mainly news and reveiws and general banter. It would be ideal to start small (news) and then work up to bigger things (reviews)

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    I am open to any interested party as long as they can help out with the graphics work, and posting. Like I said in the opening post we will split the ad space, which I feel is easier than just splitting profit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StormRace View Post
    Thats just the ingredients to the "who-gets-which-ad-spot war'
    Ah by that I mean using an ad rotation script. Same spot my code shown 50% of the time, the partners shown the other 50%. Any interested party can PM me.

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    Just bumping this with some fresh information. I am still looking for a partner to make this site. I am currently working on some designs for the site etc. Hoping to open it to the public soon.

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