I'm opening up a new free gift card site very soon called Voucher Freak. The idea is that you fill out surveys and earn points, and once you hit 200 points you can exchange them for vouchers.

I need people to just test out the script by simply being a part of the site. It will give you early access (so you can start earning stuff early), and I'll give you a 100 bonus points right off the bat (so you're halfway there!).


- You must be in either US, UK, or Canada.
- You must contact me when you find an error or bug or something that seems off.
- You should be comfortable doing CPALead surveys, as that is what this site is based on.
- Even if you do all the surveys, you may not hit 200 points. This is because new surveys are constantly added and taken away, so eventually there will be enough.

Since you are a BETA tester as well, I will also be able to pay you via PayPal instead of a gift card if you wish.