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Thread: make amazon autoblog website with robot so it could post the product and short review

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    make amazon autoblog website with robot so it could post the product and short review

    have you just recognized online business? and wanna making money online, or you've known affiliate system but confuse how to get started, and then you make blog or webite by using manual posting, hmm that is old way and it just wasting of time. here we help you to make full website by using automatic posting software including put your affiliate link in there, so you dont have to post amazon or clickbank product manually. last enjoy our service

    all what we need to starting our work are :

    1) Amazon Affiliate ID, API Key (Access Key ID),
    Secret Access Key. those are for setting the robot or you can set by yourself through admin panel

    2) paid hosting and paid domain information. if you dont have, we will set it at free hosting and domain

    3) your website niche / what do you wanna sell on your new website

    we have latest robot developer license (always update) not nulled or cracking, premium theme wp azon pro, and other premium plugin

    Delivery: 3 days

    Prize : $15

    Method of payment : paypal to

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    So in the future, as the script is updated, will we get updated?
    Because I have found that though I am told it is so, it is not so!

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    This guy is lying about his location. He is not in Korea. He is in Indonesia.
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