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Thread: Monetizing with Torrents (No investment)

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    Monetizing with Torrents (No investment)

    Guide to making money with torrents, I've done this myself and made $$. But have stopped now simple because I've moved onto better projects.

    - No investment
    - Auto pilot
    - Spend at least 30mins a day doing this

    $5 per copy
    $3 for review copy

    PM me.

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    Is there anything in the eBook that isn't already documented at,, and

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    Quote Originally Posted by proxykinz View Post
    Is there anything in the eBook that isn't already documented at,, and
    Not really

    But I can add something to it that isn't found on those forums - like getting into installconverter network (black hat way) which I made up.
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    I've read the ebook and it's a good one It's a short 3-page ebook that goes straight to the point and gives some good tips. Although that it's good, it's kinda blackhat IMO and not fair to the downloaders -- I've also read a similar ebook before which made the method less new for me.

    The price is very cheap, so if you're into uploading and you want to make some fast cash, than try it out for sure, you won't regret it
    |Nico Lawsons

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