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Thread: Need $400 Paypal, will pay through ICICI

  1. Need $400 Paypal, will pay through ICICI

    I need $400 in paypal. I will pay you through icici bank. Current paypal exchange rate will be applicable.

    Looking forward for a quick trade.

  2. Why dont u withdraw paypal amount direct to ur bank accnt

  3. Quote Originally Posted by butternyk View Post
    Why dont u withdraw paypal amount direct to ur bank accnt
    I dont need to transfer funs from my paypal to my bank. I need to do vice versa. Which isnt easy to do from Indian banks if u dont have a CC.

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    I know a guy who can do this for you however he demands a better exchange rate.
    Still you can negotiate.

    Pm me if you need his msn id.
    Get your own hubpage @ $10 Pm me.

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    I was looking for a vice versa thing - I'm still looking for it. If you also still interested, we can get in touch

  6. Will helped me with this. Dont need the exchange now.

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