Hello Net Builders. My name is Zikhth. I've been around the block plenty of times with e-whoring. And I know that it's a dirty game. But it's a profitable game if you know how to play your cards correctly, and can seem legitimate enough to pass through the site filters (whether it be Facebook, Craigslist, or anything else you can think of).

The thing is, it's becoming harder and harder to find proper pictures to display. It seems that whenever you find an album that you tink is legitimate-sounding enough, something happens to blow it up in your face (you know, the updates on your Facebook page linking to a site with the same photos on it).

So, the question is, do you need help? Because I can provide you with what you need to succeed in this business and boost your profits up well over $100 per day. It's as simple as getting a great album and some good support with how to use it.

I'm offering the albums for an amazingly low price for a long search. $1 per ten photos found. You can request a round number that you wish to obtain in the album, and will receive thumbnails of the entire album before purchase to ensure validity. It's a simple process, and can truthfully ramp your profits through the roof. So give me a shot, see what Zikhth (pronounced Zick-th) can handle.

PM me for some nice examples of what you can expect.

PS: I don't do PayPal as of yet. But I do have Moneybookers and ePassporte. Or if you buy in bulk, I can also do checks. I trust you.