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Thread: Niches Ignored, Cash Lost

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    Thumbs up Niches Ignored, Cash Lost

    Hello fellow NetBuilders, I'm here to offer this amazing product which will enable you to finally start making some significant amounts of cash (if you haven't managed to find a way already

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    Niches Ignored, Cash Lost

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    Geesh...make it freaking impossible to get!

    Either give a pure download, or tell people the hoops they have to jump through to get it!

    Geesh, when you download, you have to then go to another freaking website to get a code to unlock the download!

    Waste of time for sure!

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    I've had previous experiences with such feedback about "waste of time", however others who did get my products didn't think of them as time wasted, but time invested.
    I've grown to get used to people who don't put 2 minutes of effort in downloading my product, then replying with posts like yours, or even worse, which is why I don't blame you for doing so.

    But what would you preferably want me to do, if you had a chance to choose between:
    1. Paying for a product or,
    2. Downloading it for free then unlock it in a matter of minutes?

    If you would rather prefer option 1, would you consider paying the estimated product value stated above?

    What I do is simply offer my products to download, without asking you to pay for it. Unlocking it is a 2 minutes process.

    Best regards,

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