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Thread: One-Way Permanent Backlinks 9xPR6, 7xPR5, 11xPR4 - Cheap

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    11xPR6, 7xPR5, 11xPR4 - Cheap One-Way Permanent Backlinks

    I'm selling 11xPR6, 7xPR5, 11xPR4 Blog Links.
    The Pagerank is of the particular page where your link will be placed and not the blog homepage.
    There are a total of 29 links emerging from 10 different sites. All links are do-follow.

    Also Included : One PR6 .Gov & One PR6 .Edu link.

    Out of these 10 sites, 4 are extremely high-authoritative domains specially the .gov one.

    The Pagerank of the homepages is 2xPR8, 4xPR7 & 4xPR6.
    I'm just selling the links, i wont be commenting for you.
    Many of these pages have less than 5 comments on them hence less number of outbound links.

    Just a few copies available to ensure quality. No Review Copies available, the links will be exactly as i've mentioned in this thread.

    The price is :: $11 for 29 Links.

    About Approval : Approvals are moderated but the policy is lenient, they don't care about you getting a backlink as long as you comment well, please don't spam. My comments were approved within 24 hrs on all sites.

    I guess i've given all possible details here. Payment by Paypal Only.
    You may make the payment at and PM me.
    You will receive the links right after the payment is made.
    If any other queries, ask here or PM me.
    Last edited by Snak3; 7 November, 2009 at 05:22 AM. Reason: PR6 .edu & .gov links availability notified

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    what are the blogs about?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ruben View Post
    what are the blogs about?
    General, mixed niches. Majority of them are in the Tech niche.

    Edit : Two More PR6 links available now, i.e. 1 .gov and 1 .edu link.

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