What's your status?

There is hundreds if not thousands status.net websites out there. Getting backlinks and visitors from those sites can be easy. For this we have made an tool called W.Y.S. Create your accounts, confirm them, ping your statuses and submit everything is automated!


- General Features:

Submission with 2 methods API and WEB interface
Create accounts
Automatic username and password creator.
Two captcha methods manual or automatic (service by Bypasscaptcha supported)
Confirm accounts (all you need is email account with imap or pop3 support)
Scraper (scrape your links can be used to scrape whatever you wish uses Yahoo search engine)
Export scraping results.
Export submission report.
Proxy support.
Import, export proxies.
Import, export users.
Import, export websites.

Submission - if you have chosen to post with API then program is going to detect that is there any API access. If API is not found it submits automatically through web interface.

Account creator - you can create account's by entering captchas manually or let it do by bypasscaptcha service. You can choose to create login details automatically or register all account's with your desired username and password.

Scraper - based on Yahoo search engine. Scrapes links by your defined search query (export links to txt file to clean or do whatever you wish with them).

Account confirmer - scans your email inbox for confirmation emails and confirms your accounts (it won't delete any email's from your inbox).

Proxy support - is what it says all main protocols are supported HTTP, SOCKS4 and SOCKS5.

Autoping - if choosen pings your successful posts with 26 main services.

Import, export - Import or export basically everything program produces into(from) simple text file. Before importing add something manually and export it to see the correct format to use for importing.

- System Requirements:
Operating Systems:
Windows XP, Windows VISTA or Windows 7.

Licence for one copy (limited time offer) - 15$