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Thread: Produce Money by Shortening Links

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    Produce Money by Shortening Links

    That's right - you read the title correctly!
    You can actually earn money for shortening your links.

    Let me explain what you do:
    1. Click on the banner above and register.
    2. In your account click 'Manage' and enter the URLs you want to shorten.
    3. Give out your URL normally.
    4. Earn cash!

    How is the money produced?
    You have the option of setting up an interstitial page which is displayed before the users see your original link which earns you money (I don't recommend the interstitial page) OR you could simply have a banner displayed at the top of the page you're linking your visitors to. (The banner is the way to go.)

    You'll make $1.00 per 1,000 views to your links. Is that a huge amount of cash? Not really, but look at it this way - you're just giving out links you normally would, so you're not actually doing anything different! The banner is unobtrusive and won't really affect your visitors browsing experience, so you're in a win-win situation here.

    Special Bonus:
    If you sign up by clicking the banner above, I will get you some free visitors for the first 3 links you shorten using this program. (Just PM me those links.) I won't be able to get you a TON of visitors, but figure around 30 per link - a nice way to get you started.

    Remember: This is all 100% free! No fees, no catch - just cash!

  2. Buddy Are you the owner of this site or have you got paid from them till yet . I would like to confirm this before joining this website . It would be great if we can see some earning proofs .

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    Lots of people have posted their payment proof online.
    I have not yet reached the minimum payout, personally, but take a look below.
    I am hoping some of you NetBuilders will sign up under me.

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