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Thread: proxy group - 700 members

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    proxy group - 700 members

    Proxy Snitch | Google Groups

    i'm the admin, the first one who REPLYS HERE will get the group, in other words i will make him an admin. Price? All i ask in return is your life...mwohahahaha.....just kidding, it's free.

    I'm closing my google account and everything google related, i hope the group will remain once i do that, cause i created it.

    Reason for this....pure hatred.

    I hope somebody replies soon....

  2. Please

    If you're geniunely offering the group, I'd be willing to maintain it and add new sites daily Auto Approval Proxy List Free Text File Hosting

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    OVER, close thread...

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    Quote Originally Posted by TryLord View Post
    OVER, close thread...
    Members can close their own threads here on NetBuilders. Go to 'thread tools' at the top of your first post and there you will see the option to close your thread.

    Done it for you though now
    |Nico Lawsons

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