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Thread: rapidshare acc needed

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    rapidshare acc needed

    Anyone has a rapidshare account to sell? pm me

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    Same here, if anyone can supply me RS accounts please PM me but put the thread starter as priority (lol). Sorry for hitching in your thread brother.

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    Quote Originally Posted by geeknb View Post
    There are many cheap RS accounts on ebay and best of all it's genuine.
    I'm rather weary of using ebay.. but will check it thanks

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    I have 4 accounts of 30 days. if u want to buy let me know.

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    why don't you just register a premium account at RapidShare? o_O

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aziz View Post
    why don't you just register a premium account at RapidShare? o_O
    May be because he needs a cheaper account instead of paying rapidshare $10 USD

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    Everyone PM me, I will be happy to do it for 6USD.

  8. well the difference is not much so I purchased a regular account for 3 months. I remember back before all these sales got banned on DP I bought one for much cheaper.

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