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Thread: Rapidshare Account !

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    I sell rapidshare for $7 on ebay. Visit my link and i have 39 rep. 1 Month Rapidshare[refunds available] - eBay (item 220528174311 end time Dec-20-09 00:10:28 PST)

    If your account ever gets the password changed i will refund you witha new account immediately.

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    These are freshly generated accounts right? But why can't the password be changed?
    They call me the forum conversion master.
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    I am selling a few rapidshare premium accounts generated from (my) rs points,

    Unphished (all yours change any thing u want)

    If interested send e-mail to: duncanvalem@yahoodotcom(remove 'dot' and place ' . ' )

    Payment options: paypal and ATM transfer/deposit

    Price: $5 for one month rapidshare premium account (includes no rs points)

    Process: you e-mail me with the chosen payment, I send info for payment, after getting your payment I create the account and send you the account info to your paypal e-mail or the one you select

    Features of Rapidshare Premium Account:

    #Download-Limits No limits
    #Max. parallel downloads No limits
    #Remote-Uploads via HTTP and FTP 100 jobs in parallel
    #Use RapidGet to download and upload files! YES
    #Support for download-accelerators YES
    #Support for resuming downloads YES
    #Downloads start instantly YES

    I sell Only LEGIT (NOT hacked/phished) accounts

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