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    Thumbs up Rapidshare Accounts

    I have 2 rapidshare accounts still valid for 2-3 weeks...
    You guys may use them if you want as long as you don't change the password.

    All donations are appreciated, you can send payment to
    via Paypal.Com, I'll promote your site beneath:

    People who donated - Website
    ... - ...

    For the accounts, please PM me and please don't share them with your friends...
    Note: Only people with more than 50 posts can get it. (Or people beneath that, but who donate )

    |Nico Lawsons

  2. Are they genuine or hacked accounts available on net everywhere ?
    Also, is it allowed by rapid share to share the account ?

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    1) No they are made by me, fully legal But I can't use them no more as I have no bandwidth limit left (adsl)
    2) Yes, as long as they don't know.. it's a new years gift from me
    They will give one too over 11 hours from now so

    |Nico Lawsons

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