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Thread: Rapidshare accounts generated from my PremiumPoints

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    Rapidshare accounts generated from my PremiumPoints

    All legit. this is the account:

    each account is for 4.5$.
    Payment method: PayPal / AlertPay

    the accout is for sale too (is LEGIT) - make your offer.
    the file transfare is for sale to (transfaring it onto a collector's accout which you will trasfare from it immediatelly to yours) - make your offer.

    all legit. if you are serious about buying - i can show you a proof of me paying for that acc.

    Sells are on...

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    well, I'm willing to do so.
    but not to u.
    i need someone here who has more post than u and he is undoubtly trusted here...
    if anyone here is that person - he can come to me...

    Edit: and another thing. if it'll happan - the price will be 5$ then. need to cover some losts of that lost acc.
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    Is this one account for each person or you are selling one account to multiple person...??

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    can u clarify u'r question?

  5. i contact the one who also sell accounts but no reply.. please pm me i want one.

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    Ok.... PMed u....

  7. Well bozonessinc is a trusted member here, well if you want more trusted member then him then you can give it to any of the forum staffs (provided they willing) and then they will provide you review.

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    Good and fast transaction, recommend Monko, is trusted seller


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    Thank u m8 for replying.... He was 2 a nice, fast and trusted buyer...

    and shivachettri - yes, i'm looking for more trusted guy... i won't chase them... it's me how is willing to give them a free acc, so i don't think that i need to beg them to take it....
    me being verified here won't give buyers for sure, so it's not that tempting to give 1 for free... if u r interested with an account, u can go for 1 of the forum staff and ask them to request the free acc... again - i won't chase anybody (and btw - i've sold more than 1 to KoPyt, and more to other users in other forums for a higher price.... i'm not that anxious of selling them here...)

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