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Thread: Rapidshare Accounts For Sale

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    Wink Rapidshare Accounts For Sale

    I've found a person who can sell Rapidshare Accounts on a cheap price. The accounts are generated by points he says, but I'm not 100% sure about that -- he offers a direct replacement policy though to make sure that if the account gets removed you directly get a new one.

    You can buy them through me for 4$, while Rapidshare sells them for 7€ -- So you're really doing profits. If something goes wrong though, don't blame me. I've searched for the person I can trust the most, but remember that this guy is a warez uploader so everything he does isn't 100% legal.

    I don't care where the accounts come from, as long as I pay for what I get. If I pay 6$ to him for a one month account than I want that 1 month. If that account is generated legally or illegally I don't really care about it. If you do though, you can buy the accounts from Rapidshare directly.

    Please leave a reply or send me a PM, thanks.
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    Is he verified reseller of rapidshare accounts ? And is there free review available ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sturat View Post
    Is he verified reseller of rapidshare accounts ? And is there free review available ?
    Not at all, he's just a seller on its own I've referred him to NetBuilders, and now he created his own thread:

    So you can further deal with him
    |Nico Lawsons

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    bulk buyers only accepted...

    PM me or add my yahoo id in ur msngr

    my yahoo id :

    for further details contact me...

    come on bulk buyers.....


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    aquarezz get me one if you can for 4$ and pm me payment details.

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    I've requested the accounts, now we're going to see if they are valid or not. I'm now working on a project, which will let me sell accounts for a few Dollars (to NB members). I'm sure this will succeed, and I'm looking forward for it. Soon some posts will go about that

    Hopefully I can get both accounts from the seller fast, so I can give them Hellas & geeknb. Thanks

    I've talked to the seller, and the accounts are hacked. If you think it's worth spending your money to that hacked account it's up to you but I'm not going to allow it.

    If someone wants to buy them though, please add this user to MSN/Yahoo:

    I'm closing this thread now, since I don't want to stay in touch with hacked accounts.
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