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    Wink Rapidshare Accounts For Sale

    I've found a person who can sell Rapidshare Accounts on a cheap price. The accounts are generated by points he says, but I'm not 100% sure about that -- he offers a direct replacement policy though to make sure that if the account gets removed you directly get a new one.

    You can buy them through me for 4$, while Rapidshare sells them for 7€ -- So you're really doing profits. If something goes wrong though, don't blame me. I've searched for the person I can trust the most, but remember that this guy is a warez uploader so everything he does isn't 100% legal.

    I don't care where the accounts come from, as long as I pay for what I get. If I pay 6$ to him for a one month account than I want that 1 month. If that account is generated legally or illegally I don't really care about it. If you do though, you can buy the accounts from Rapidshare directly.

    Please leave a reply or send me a PM, thanks.
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    |Nico Lawsons

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