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Thread: RapidShare Premium Accounts (Legit)

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    RapidShare Premium Accounts (Legit)

    Selling Legit RapidShare Accounts Generated from points.

    Each Account is 1 Month Long.

    1 Account: $6
    3 Accounts or More: $5 each


    Payment Method:
    PayPal Only

    Please also send money As Gift/Personal payment owed.

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    Can u provide any proof of these being legit . Like a paypal transaction id of deal with rapidshare?

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    i generate the point from my rapidshare account and all the
    account are not phished but are legit as i generate them.

    I have no agreement with Rapidshare

    if you knew how it works then you would not
    ask me that question.

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    what gb limit is allowed per day? if purchasing 3 or more months, cost is $5/month?

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