From the mind of Razorloq, author of the Torn E-Whoring ebooks, comes the newest innovation in adult moneymaking genius!

The idea is simple: Start accounts at various websites posing as a girl. Talk to guys. Get them to sign up under your affiliate link. Basic e-whoring, for those of you who were unaware. But this time, there's a twist.

My name is Razorloq. On Black Hat World I am known by FreeTheTV. Nevertheless, I have been an extremely successful e-whore through my creative strategies. These days, I mainly help others who have asked for it, as well as working on other moneymaking methods that I have come across. But I still dabble in it every now and then. For proof that I do make money, refer to the screenshot below showing my earnings for the past day and a half through the adult dating network I use:

That should be enough of an incentive to continue reading, no? I am looking for some individuals who haven't been doing so hot as far as internet marketing are concerned. I am looking for some individuals who aren't new to the internet marketing field, but have heard of e-whoring, think it may be fun, and want to give it a try, but don't know where or how to start in order to rake in the cash.

Ladies and gentlemen, look no more. Since my start in the field four months ago, I have successfully banked over twelve thousand dollars through one affiliate network, and now over three thousand with another. Thats an average of $3,500 per month, for working maybe four hours a day at responses, every other day.

However, I have found that I do better assisting others than actually e-whoring myself. Refer to the screenshot below of earnings earned by one of my students. These earnings are totals for a total of 45 days, his first 45 days doing this, mind you:

Quite the incentive, no? So here is what I am offering. I am going to help you in any way that I can with this. You will start over, and I will show you the ropes, and how to start making money. I will answer all of your questions, and I will continue to answer them until you are satisfied. I will be there to assist you every step of the way, for as long as you ask for my assistance.

What's the catch? You have to work at it. I've recruited students who haven't made a single penny, because they haven't tried. I drop them. I only work with those who are willing to put the time and effort to make my time and effort worthwhile. If you enter the Adult Empire Network, you will be required to make $200 in earnings in your first month (starting from the day you sign up and are verified). If you do not meet the quota, I will assume that you are not putting the time and effort needed into this network, and I will drop you from the network, with only one appeal possible. And, yes, I do monitor earnings.

Why so strict, Razorloq? you may be asking. Well, as the above screenshot, as well as the screenshot of my earnings showed you, I am serious about my methods. I'm going to be sharing my moneymaking secrets with you, and, in return, I want your cooperation. This should easily net you over $500 per month, depending on the effort that you are willing to put forth in order to earn it.

The time has come. If you are interested and have some free time to make some money instead of posting on forums, shoot me a message or reply on the thread. If you have questions, do the same (preferably on the thread, as I would like to assist everyone). Let the magic begin!