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Thread: Real Money in Exchange for Posts?

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    I'm looking for posts to be made at Victory Road -

    Current rate $5 - 500 posts (1c/post). Reply if you are interested.

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    U must say the the rate is so low, so I decline

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    Didn't notice this thread, going to move it to the marketplace now.

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    Wow, that rate is just plin out not funny. Its like laughing at a person trying to fly with actual wings. Maybe $.03 per post, but not any lower.

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    I would offer $15 for 500 posts. My posts are quality posts and will start discussions..

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    Wow, i would offer $3.50 for 100 posts and that's around what posts sell for at the moment.

    By the way i have $3.50 in PayPal if anyone's interested in that? ^^

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    I'd do paid posting, but not for the price of 1c per post, no way.

    EvanP's offer sounds alot better. Am I correct in assuming your offering that on which site?

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    I will do it for $7.50. If that's ok. Or maybe $5 and 50 posts on my forum

  9. i don't get what his forum actually is all about.

    apart that i see game discussion.

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