$50 iTunes Gift Certificate

Why the change?
Well because iTunes has recently changed the maximum amount for buying certificates from $200 to $50 and have limited the amount of certificates you can buy per account, meaning its pretty much sucking for both buyers and sellers of iTunes Certificates

I am selling $50 value iTunes Gift card for very cheap price then ebay.

**You need have a US iTunes account to redeem it. If u dont have, no problem i will teach u how to open US itunes account for free. if u want me to open itunes account and redeem the card, i can do that for extra $1usd.

Price: $20usd only for each $50 iTunes Gift card.
Bulk buyers will get discount.

-I am accepting Liberty Reserve at the moment.
-I can accept paypal but for reputed members from DP/NB only. This is bcoz due to fraud charge back on paypal.

soon i might accept MoneyBrookers also.

PM me here or post reply here if u want to buy.

Delivery method: via PM or E-Mail or MSN chat.
Delivery time: Max 24hrs after payment.